How the Chase Ink Business Plus Card Became My Business Ally

How the Chase Ink Business Plus Card Became My Business Ally

How the Chase Ink Business Plus Card Became My Business Ally Since 2015

Hey there, beautiful people! Martha here, coming at you straight from sunny Miami with a tale that’s all about flavor and business. If you’ve been following my journey with Martha of Miami, you know I’m all about embracing our roots and elevating our culture. But did you know behind every stylish design and event at La Sala, there's a little business secret? Yes, friends, I’m talking about my beloved Chase Ink Business Plus card.

From the moment I decided to leave the family nest at Valsan of Miami to spread my wings with my own brand in 2015, I knew I needed a trustworthy partner for my finances. Enter Chase Ink Business Plus. Let me tell you how this little card became my MVP (Most Valuable Player, just in case 😉).

Rewards That Are Pure Gold

First off, the rewards. Oh my goodness! With every purchase for La Tiendecita, from materials for our designs to the coffees that keep the team buzzing, I’m racking up points that translate into real benefits. Who knew buying fabric and coffee could be so productive?

Cash Flow Smooth Like Miami’s Rhythm

Managing cash flow is like dancing salsa—it needs to be smooth and stumble-free. The Chase Ink Business Plus has given me the flexibility to handle my expenses efficiently, allowing me to invest in my business at just the right times. It’s like having the perfect rhythm on the dance floor, but with numbers.

Protection That Doesn’t Play

In business, as in life, sometimes you encounter surprises. But with the protections offered by the Chase Ink Business Plus, I feel like I have my own personal security team. From purchase protection to travel insurance, I feel covered at every step.

Customer Service That Gets the Hustle

Whenever I’ve needed help, Chase customer service has been there, ready to assist. It’s like having a friend who understands the hustle, always ready to help you sort out any issue.

A Special Bonus for My Followers!

And because I know my people love a good deal, I've got something special for you. By applying through my Chase Business Referral Link, you can earn 100,000 bonus points with the Ink Business Preferred® card or up to $1,000 bonus cash back with the Ink Business Premier®, Ink Business Unlimited®, or Ink Business Cash® card. And yes, as a good friend, I get rewarded too if you apply and get approved!

Don’t wait any longer to give your business that extra boost. Apply here:

In conclusion, the Chase Ink Business Plus card isn’t just a credit card to me; it’s an integral part of Martha of Miami’s success story. Since 2015, it has been my faithful ally, helping me take my business to new heights and celebrate our culture in a big way.

So, if you’re looking to give your business a boost with a tool that understands your needs, I highly recommend checking it out. Who knows, it might just become your MVP too.

See you at La Tiendecita or La Sala, where Miami’s magic comes to life!

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