Crazy Cuban Sayings That Will Make You Laugh and Wonder

Crazy Cuban Sayings That Will Make You Laugh and Wonder

Cuban Sayings That Will Make You Laugh and Wonder

Cuban sayings, or "dichos," are known for their humor, wit, and sometimes downright craziness. These expressions capture the essence of Cuban culture, often leaving non-Cubans puzzled yet amused. Here are some of the craziest Cuban sayings that will surely add some spice to your conversations!

1. Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres.

Translation: Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are.

Meaning: People are influenced by the company they keep.

2. Te esta metiendo tremenda muela

Translation: They're giving you a tremendous molar.

Meaning: Describes someone trying to seduce, charm, or influence a conversation.

3. Le zumba el mango

Translation: I throw the mango.

Meaning: When something seems ridiculous or far-fetched.

4. Me cago en diez

Translation: I shit on ten.

Meaning: A phrase to express frustration, irritation, or anger.

5. Vete pal carajo

Translation: Go to hell.

Meaning: A Spanish way to send someone to hell.

6. Tiene el moño virado

Translation: Someone has a twisted bun.

Meaning: Someone who is in a bad mood, similar to waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

7. Te hace falta un despojo

Translation: You need a dispossession.

Meaning: A botanical Cuban cleansing meant to ward off ill will, bad luck, and funk.

8. Por si las moscas

Translation: In case of flies.

Meaning: Just taking extra precaution to warn against surprises and what's to come. "Just in case."

9. Sana, sana culito de rana

Translation: Heal, heal, little frog butt.

Meaning: Meant to soothe bumps and bruises and remind children that they'll feel better soon.

10. Va que chifla

Translation: Blow like a whistle.

Meaning: "That's it." The term is used when something is good enough or that's all a person will get to do.

11. Dímelo cantando

Translation: Tell it to me singing.

Meaning: A term to imply that you want a more detailed explanation or to hear the full story. "Come out with it already!"

12. Esta chiflando el mono

Translation: The monkey is whistling.

Meaning: Used to express how cold it feels.

13. Calabaza calabaza, cada uno pa' su casa

Translation: Pumpkin, pumpkin, each one to your home.

Meaning: Used to end a night out or party, letting people know that it's time for everyone to leave.

14. El chismoso no puede ser sordo

Translation: The gossiper can't be deaf.

Meaning: A person who loves gossip can't afford to miss anything. It highlights the nature of gossipers always being alert for new information.

Cuban sayings are more than just words; they are a reflection of the humor, creativity, and wisdom that characterizes Cuban culture. These phrases can add a touch of Cuban flair to your conversations, making them more colorful and entertaining. So, the next time you're chatting with friends, try using one of these crazy Cuban sayings and watch their reactions!


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