You're Not A Regular Cuban Mom, You're A Cool Cuban Mom

Hey there, Cuban mamis!

You know that being a mom in our culture comes with its own unique set of quirks and traditions, but times do change!

From discipline to the foods served at the dinner table, being a Cuban mom is truly an adventure.

So grab your cafecito and let's dive into some of the things that are changing in our traditions!

1. No More Chancletazos

Gone are the days of using the chancleta as our go-to punishment. Nowadays, it's all about taking away the iPad. Because let's be real, what's more effective than cutting off access to TikTok?

2. Spanglish Is Our Jam

¿Qué me dijiste? Nope, not in this house. We're fluent in Spanglish, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's the perfect blend of two beautiful languages, just like our heritage.

3. Tio's and Tia's Everywhere

In our circle, everyone is family. Whether they're blood-related or not, there are friends that are considered Tio's or Tia's. It's just how we roll in our tight-knit community.

4. Takeout Is A Lifesaver

Sure, we might have comida en la casa, but sometimes a drive-thru or takeout is just easier. And let's face it, who has time to cook every night? ¡A veces necesitas un break!

5. Dinner Is Anything But Boring

Contrary to popular belief, arroz y frijoles isn't the only thing we whip up in the kitchen. We're all about experimenting with different recipes and flavors, because life's too short for the same dinner over and over again.

6. Bye, Bye, Bye Batas de Casa

I, for one, am all for bringing back the batas de casa trend. Comfortable and with pockets? Sign me up! But let's be a realistic, that's not gonna happen. The cool mom aesthetic would never allow it, even if Kim Kardashian wore one.

7. Vivaporu Does Not Fix Everything

Got a headache? Vivaporu. Sore muscles? Vivaporu... maybe? Vivaporu helps, but you can't really put it on "everything". Yeast infection? No, thanks.

So there you have it, cool Cuban moms! Embrace your uniqueness, cherish your traditions, and keep being the badass moms that you are.


Comment below some of the things we should leave behind and things we should start doing differently.


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