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At Swagger we’re making our sneakers differently - in a way that’s safe for our planet. We are constantly on the lookout for materials that reduce as much waste as possible. Our styles are all made with 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton, wild rubber and recycled plastic. We work with leading organizations to ensure our cotton and wild rubber is held to highest of standards. As for our plastic, we derive our recycled plastic directly from abandoned marine plastic. This plastic is reclaimed and reformulated to relieve our oceans. Last but not least, our packaging is fabricated using 100% recycled cardboard - the cherry on top.


We aim to do as much as we can to support our fellow global citizens with a focus on environmental justice. We work with partners who have dedicated their lives to doing this work and are experts in protecting the earth. 

For more on our Philanthropy and Social Causes, check out our Blog